Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine, Jesus Christ

 Dear Single AND Married Sisters,

Do you wish that you had an exciting "Valentine" for Valentine's Day?  Dream of being "secretly admired" by Someone strong, smart, selfless, and utterly in love with you in this season of love (preferably Prince Charming, but Mr. Darcy may suffice)?  Look no further; GOD is near!

Are you craving a love letter?  One that makes your "heart leap" (and I don't mean up your throat while hurtling down a steep roller coaster!) for joy?  Try GOD'S WORD--HE wrote it just for YOU (major heart-fluttering)!

Are you looking for a guy who is willing to "risk it all" to save you from evil, and "sweep you off your feet?"  Here comes Prince JESUS on His noble white steed Salvation!  This passionate Prince loves you so ardently that He died for you before you were born so you could spend eternity with HIM in the afterlife (see John 3:16)!  Now THAT is some serious dedication-- love that would challenge even Edward Cullen's!

BONUS: before you love God, He already loves you (1 John 4:19)!

So...what's keeping you from committing your whole life to Jesus, the greatest Lover of your soul?  NOTHING! 

May your heart be full of joy and contentment in this season full of pink cards, red hearts, flowers, love-struck vampires, and overpriced truffles...

Quotes on love

I love you guys!!  Thanks to all who read these words...it means a lot!



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    The song by Tracy Dawn about romance gave me GIANT GOOSE BUMPS. SO GOOD.
    Happy belated Valentines Day, Sweetie!! :)