Monday, January 28, 2013

Are All Christians Called to Heal the Sick?

When it comes to miracles, I admit I tend to be skeptical, or at least doubtful that such displays of God’s power could possibly blossom from my feeble prayers. But lately, God’s been shifting my perspective about miracles, particularly physical healing—not only through life experiences, but through His Word.

To read my full commentary on the crucial subject of healing the sick, please visit Far East Broadcasting Company's brand-new blog, "The Great Commission" at this link (and read my first-ever published article!):

Ardently Yours,


  1. Your article was a blessing because I had been wrestling with the subject. Very helpful article from such a young person. I was struggling with the question – do only a few people have the gift of healing? Now I understand that we all must do so.
    By the way, what happened to the author? this article is 5 years old.
    My late grandfather (GW Benjamin) was on the board of FEBC in Bangalore, India in the 1980-90s. How are you connected to FEBC?
    God bless you!