Monday, January 16, 2012


    So I committed to posting the results to my Dreamer's Challenge every day for a week, but Sunday admittedly proved to be a somewhat uninspiring day for me.  It was a day full of activity, to be sure; normally, I would attend the local church and spend the rest of the day driving around with my family visiting friends or eating out, having a wonderfully chaotic, thought-provoking day, but this Sunday was unusual in that I did not do a lot of thinking or reading or planning or talking, but instead, just "doing." Doing simple, wholesome, fulfilling, clean, quiet, perfect little movements...

    To help you understand the difference between "normal doing" and the "doing" I did this Sunday, I have compiled a list of random tasks that I completed yesterday:

1.  I wore a skirt that was so long that it got caught under my feet when I walked,
2.  practiced driving with my dad,
3.  Vacuumed the floor of my bedroom (cat-themed rug and all), 
4.  hung out with a friend I haven't talked to much since 2011,
5.  helped my brother make a commercial advertising his longboards using Windows Movie Maker, and
6.  ate almost an entire box of Oreo's all on my own (dipped in milk, of course).

    I prayed a little bit here and there throughout the course of the day, talked about God and His Word with the people I spent time with, breathed in the beauty of His creation...nothing particularly noteworthy happened, and nothing very important was accomplished, but it was a mostly peaceful day that I would gladly experience again if given the opportunity.  My dream that night was nothing remarkable, either...not a nightmare, but not special by any standards (the happenings in my dream loosely followed those of Suzanne Collin's The Hunger Games). 

     All in all, the whole experience left me without much to write about--except for one thing, now that I think of it:  when caught up in the simple joy of living, sometimes God's message to His child is simply, "Be still, and know that I am God (Psalm 46:10)."  Breathe.  REST.  Be thankful!
   My Sunday was mundane.  Peaceful, bright, happy, uneventful, yes...but a waste of time?  Meaningless?  I don't think so.  I am thankful for the "quiet days" when I can content myself in the delights of God's creation, enjoy doing simple tasks, and rest in His presence.  Sometimes my relationship with God is fast-paced, exciting, an adventure, but on Sundays like these, I am thankful for the chance to just relax and share a brief respite with Jesus.  
    Someday soon, life will be more challenging, exciting...but not now.  For now, the turbulent waters of life are still, and I rest in absolute peace in the eye of a spiritual hurricane.  May you all find insurmountable joy in the miraculous AND the mundane!


  1. I appreciate your perspective . As a teenager I found myself discontent, and would go crazy to do anything to keep from being bored. I am so thankful that you are so content even in the mundane. Since meeting the Messiah, having four children, and running a business, I haven't had time to think about being bored. Godliness with contentment is great gain.

  2. love the "daily description" of life. Funny-hahaha

  3. I would LOVE a mundane day!